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Why Sugarcane Clamshells & Containers are the Best Option For Takeaway

Why Sugarcane Clamshells & Containers are the Best Option For Takeaway

If you are looking for the very best in environmentally friendly and functional, fit for purpose takeaway food packaging, you can't go past Sugarcane Fibre Clamshells and Takeaway Trays.

The most sustainable takeaway packaging is made from sugarcane fibre, as it is a by-product of the sugar refining industry and has many benefits when it comes to food packaging. Our sugarcane clamshells and takeaway containers are plastic-free – made from reclaimed and rapidly renewable sugarcane pulp, and you will find them available in several sizes and with compartments.

Let's leave polystyrene containers in the past, where they belong and move forward with this amazing material made from a by-product of the sugar refining industry...sweet!  There is no doubt about it,

Sugarcane Fibre Clamshells and Takeaway Trays are the future!

If you haven’t heard, polystyrene/styrofoam containers are included in single-use plastic bans. They will no longer be a viable option to serve your takeaway food – they're sadly not recyclable and go straight to landfill.  It's easy to make the switch to better packaging for the planet, and now is the time to do it.   We have noted some of the features of sugarcane fibre products below and the many benefits they will serve when using these products for your takeaway menu, especially hot and greasy food or delicious Fish & Chips!

Sugarcane pulp packaging is extremely versatile, inexpensive, and degrades rapidly when composted at home or in an industrial compost facility. It is oven-able up to 200°C, Freezer Safe & Microwave Safe.  It is leak proof and grease resistant, attractive, sturdy and will promote your business in a positive light, but the very best thing about Sugarcane Fibre Clamshells and Takeaway Trays is that they are made from plants and will not Cost the Earth.

If you would like free samples please get in touch with our friendly sales team via email.